This page contains some of the presentations and workshops I have taught in the past. Additionally, I have taught programming-oriented classes, including Win32, Java, and Game programming. Also, I have given non-programming presentations on topics like large scale Windows system administration, and Solaris systems usage monitoring and abuse prevention.

Intro to Linux Administration
Presentation Length: 2 hours
Download in: StarOffice format

This workshop covers basic topics in Linux administration, including: The RedHat filesystem layout, how to install programs, system startup,
and other topics.

Linked Libraries
Presentation Length: 45 Minutes
Download in: StarOffice format

This workshop discusses what linked libraries are, the differences between static and dynamic libraries, and the advantages of using them.

How the Internet Works
Presentation Length: 1 Hour
Download in: StarOffice format

Begins with a brief history of the Internet, and discusses topics like TCP/IP, DNS, and routers. An Introduction only.

Consensus Roadmap for Defeating Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Presentation Length: 20-40 Minutes
Download in: StarOffice format

This is a presentation of a paper put out buy the SANS Institute in response to the Distributed Denial of Service attacks during the week of
Feb 7th, 2000.