Abridged Biography

I started college in 1996, at the State University of New York at Buffalo. That’s a mouthfull, of course, so most people know it as SUNY Buffalo. Despite recent events,
it was a highly regarded 2nd tier school, with a top notch Computer
Science department durring my attendance. I did decently well in college.
There were kids around with better grades, but I finished off my Master’s
Degree by the spring fo 2001, 5 years from starting school,
with a 3.5 GPA.

During the school year, I worked for various departments around the
University, as a sales clerk, tutoring, and as a TA and grader for
several courses. I also did lots of volunteer work, including several presentations for the the Computer Science department and the school at large. I was offered a position as a student System
Administrator for the Computer Science department. I did this for
several years, along with my soon-to-be friend
Grant Kessler. Eventually,
when graduation was imminent, we were replaced by a new, full-time
staff member, which I took as a compliment. This was all related to
a Windows NT lab for freshmen students — 60 or so machines, and
1200 or so users.

Well, anyway… I had been spending the last 2 summers of college interning with a
company on Long Island called Aero-Vision.
They had paid me reasonably well for an internship position, and I
got to work on what was then bleeding edge technology (developing
wireless networks and cool stuff like that). I thought at the time
that Aero-Vision was the coolest place I could possibly work for.
When they made me a job offer when I graduated, I took it.

I worked at Aero-Vision, as a senior network administrator, systems-level programmer, and security specialist (working for a small company allows you to wear many hats). Around November, the company suffered from financial troubles, and I ended up on the free market.

Which brings us to current day. I took a small hiatus from real life in a small attempt to
take over the world. That had to stop though when I realized that the bank would be taking away my car, if I didn’t get a job. Not to worry, events have been set in motion which will guarantee me world domination when you least expect it.