These are just some programs I have developed.
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Amusing Misuse of Resources — MD2 Edition
After playing around with the UGP source code for a while, and looking at a common Linux application called “amor,” I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to merge the two. It took a couple of days longer than expected (I had to learn QT, it turns out), here is the result. Based off of amor-2.2. You can now use any standard or custom Quake 2 characters and have them dance around your desktop.

Date: Feb 10, 2002

Language: C++

Platform: Linux Download: Source Code | RPM

Ultimate Galactic Pandemonium 1.0
UGP started out as the “Undergraduate Game Project” at SUNY Buffalo. I originally went in to computer science because I wanted to make games. It wasn’t long before I became pretty annoyed at the fact that no one else in the university seemed to be interested at all, so I got together a bunch of students, and we started developing UGP. It was my first large-scale development project, one of the first games I had attempted to develop, and my first project leadership role.

We ended up with a technology demo (which is playable). I believe that it taught me more about programming than any other single class or project I have ever taken. Eventually, the code reached the point where we wanted to start adding additional features (like network play) which would require significant changes to the codebase. We decided that it would be better to do a re-write from scratch, using the knowledge we had gleamed from the project.

Date: 1999 Language: C++ Platform: Windows Download: Program with Source Code

Ultimate Galactic Pandemonium 2.0
Skip ahead 2 years. Winter break before my final semester at SUNY Buffalo. I was completely stressed out from classes, and I needed something to take my mind off it. Over the month-long break, and the first two weeks of the spring semester, I developed UGP 2 (by myself, this time). The graphics are significantly better than UGP1, networking support was considered from the ground up, and advances in PC hardware allowed me to do cooler things in general. Probably most important, though, was I figured out Quaternion mathematics, which was the Right Way of doing things which had been hacked together in UGP 1.

For my Master’s project, I ended up using the UGP engine to create a planetary motion simulator (with a slick graphical interface). Of course, durring the bulk of the semester, I was too worried about graduating too work on it. After school ended (I got my degrees, btw), I took time off to settle in to the Real World.

Date: Stalled

Language: C++

Platform: Windows (Linux to follow) Download: Program | Source Code