ISP Resources

Another hobby of mine has been to run large-scale Internet Service Providers.

There are many routes you can go with this. Windows or Unix based, and which specific software to use. I decided that for my ISP, I wanted everything to be completely automated. This should be to the point that a customer could come in off the web, sign up for an account and pay via credit card, and be up and running instantly.

There is a huge advantage to have a completely automated and self-running system. Mainly, it means that you can collect revenue with a minimum for effort.

Here are some resources to help you get started in setting up a system like this from scratch.

Unix / Linux

Useful Scripts

  • isp4you – This script will add a virtual domain to a linux system, including web site, 5 email addresses, ftp access, and an administrator account.
  • PHP System – Report System Information.
  • SEIGE – A web server benchmarking utility.

  • AeroMail – A web-based pop3 or IMAP client.
  • IMHO – A web-based IMAP client.
  • IMP – Yet another web-based email client.
  • CBMS – A web-based accounting and billing application for ISP’s.
  • FreeSide – Billing and Acounting Package
  • ADODB – A php interface for accessing databases (including mySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Bindzio – Bind web aadministration
  • Monster Hash – A web-based homepage content management system.
  • Web Metrics – Evaluate web server performance
  • phpFAQ – A FAQ creation and maintenance utility.
  • PHP SNMP – Report SNMP statistics.
  • Simple Online Editor – Allows users to edit files online.
  • awstats – Apache log file anilyzer
  • HotSaNIC – A web-based system statistics monitor


    • ACID – A PHP analysis tool for examining snort logs and other IDS information


    • DVHS – Completely automated virtual hosting – from signup to account creation.
    • Free VSD – Allows you to create virtual servers on a single Linux server.
    • GnuDIP Dynamic DNS – Dynamic DNS server.
    • DeMarc – A fully inclusive network intrusion, performance, and uptime monitoring system with a web interface.
    • H-Sphere – A complete, multiserver web hosting control panel.
    • Plesk Server Administrator – A complete web hosting solution.
    • VHost – Virtual Hosting Solution.
    • Web Hosting Control Panel – This one is free.
    • VishwaKarma – A free web administration Control Panel.

Cool stuff to do

There are loads of fun (or at least interesting) things you can do in your spare time. I’ve found some of them.

Of course, the most important is my overall plan for world domination. But there are others as well…

I was on my college’s Crew team for a little while. That was pretty fun, and you get a good rush going as fast as a crew boat does just by manpower alone. Unfortunatly, with practices beginning around 5:00 in the morning, I would get back exhausted, and sleep through all my classes. Hence, crew did not become my profession.

Also in college, I was an active usenet poster. Unfortunately, 99.9% of all my correspondance was on private university groups, which dont get exported anywhere else. So, now I have to start over.

When I have the time (and the money), I like to work on my car. I have a 2001 Camaro Super Sport. It currently has 320 horsepower. I’ve only added a front tower brace, but my next planned upgrade is to install subframe connectors. I believe that this will greatly improve handling and cornering.

I like to program computers. I’ve even written a game (or several games, depending on how you look at it). None of them seem to get completely finished, though, before I come up with the next great idea for what I want to do with it, and decide to start over. Still, there’s enough completed to play around with it — just not enough to sell and make me rich beyond my wildest dreams (and thereby get me started on taking over the world — see above).

In February of 2002, I modified the common Linux application “amor” to render 3D characters. You can take a look at my version here, as well as follow some links to the original.

From time to time, I have been responsible for running small to medium sized ISP’s.

More recently, I’ve started to go to the gym. I really need to get in better shape. So far, it’s going something like this.

More to come as I have time to work on this section.