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Do you want to start your own business? One of the first (and most fun) parts is coming up with a good name. In order to register your corporation or LLC, you’ll need to come up with a unique name for the company or DBA (“Do Business As”). The page will help you with that!


I have decided to go into business for myself. At the current time (November, 2001), I’ve got a pretty good idea on what I want to do, and even have 2 or 3 contracts pending which might even stop the bank from taking my car.

Of course, the only problem at this stage is that I need to come up with a name for the company. Given my past experience with Job Titles, I figured I could adapt my earlier program to generate company names instead. Here goes. These names are mostly geared towards technology companies for now, but as before, if anyone has any suggestions, comment below and maybe I’ll include it.

Update (4/17/2007)

I’ve recoded the original business name generator so that it can now create business names in different categories. Please keep those suggestions coming, and I’ll add them to the generator. Expect to see a bunch of new categories over the next few days.

Update (6/22/2007)

There’s a new checkbox “use fake words.” This will try to make new words by using parts of some of the other names in its library. If you don’t like the names that it generates by default, try turning this on to increase the variety.

Update (9/15/2007)

Separated “Construction / Landscaping” into 2 different categories, and improved both of them.

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  1. we needa business name for a new portal online websites business which will carry all products manufacturing company information on online website so please sajes me the name as soon as possible

  2. I am based in China and is now planning to start a Qualitative market research agency, so I need a name. Hope this name sound like a brand name. I am thinking about using ‘fizz incite’. Does it make any sense when it relates to Qualitative research? Thanks

  3. I need a name for a clothing store. Its for female teens. Has everything including accessories. Its very fun and unique. Very enjoyable. I am 14 and I wand prople to notice my sotre. The name is suppossed to draw them in, make them want to buy there. You know? lol.

  4. Howdy. Professional is misspelled in your business name generator at least in the Internet section… (perhaps you are an English company and “Proffessional” is the English spelling?

    Hey, I’m not really from ebay…

  5. I run a company that comes up with imaginative, catchy, revenue-enhancing, names for businesses run by people with no imagination.

    Our current name is “Imaginative, catchy, revenue-enhancing names Inc.”

    Can you suggest anything better?

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