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Your new product could be:
Chai Percolator


This page started out primarily as a technology product name generator. If you or your company has a new product, and you don’t know what to call it, this page can help.

I recently added a drop down for different categories, and the one for cofee products is actually pretty decent, so that’s the default now. If you want to see more categories, post your comments below and I’ll add them!

29 thoughts on “Product Name Generator”

  1. dare not use the names this thing “generates” unless u want yer product/company made laughing stock. I tried generating a name for a store app & it came with bulls***

  2. Given that this is just a random name generator site, not a “Name My Product/Service” site, you’re all idiots for presuming on these guys. Nonetheless, let me help…

    01.) Wipe-A-Lots
    02.) You and me both, brother.
    03.) There’s already a name for that: male prostitution
    04.) Brent For Rent (see #3)
    05.) Holy Cow, What An Event!
    06.) Korean Kitchen
    07.) Coaching businesses are foul. Try again.
    08.) All PC name combos have been used. Try another business. Maybe something with a pony.
    09.) Will the dishes need to be cleaned IN the toilet?
    10.) betteRFind
    11.) The LucinDASteggles Delegatory Knowledge System (i.e., ask a stranger to do it)
    12.) 100 Percent Tile
    13.) Erections
    14.) Fitnessence
    15.) LOL back atcha
    16.) Pillama, the llama-shaped pill counter! (Sorry your Brian has the farts)
    17.) Moribund Fleecings
    18.) Filtherapy
    19.) Gud Cul Fan Co.
    20.) You want to be a promoter, but you can’t come up with a funky name FOR YOURSELF? Epic fail.
    21.) Printo!
    22.) Snobscurity
    23.) The Reflexorcist
    24.) Jithu Tyres….so obvious.

  3. I am looking for a name for my reflexology business. The business will be expanding over the next few years to include other natural therapies so it needs to be a name which won’t focus solely on the feet and hands but the rest of the body in general.

  4. Hi, my company constructs and install car ports and shades, our products are suitable for swimming pools,cars,generator s sets and beautification of coumpounds,
    Could you please find a suitable name for my company

  5. Hi! I’m desperate for a funky name for my new promotions company. I am looking for something that would let the client see that we are not just any promotions company! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  6. I am trying to find out the name of the product we developing. i m finding the gud name for my product ceiling fan. please if you can help find any nice name related to it.

  7. I am going to be a self-employed certified celebrant offering services to celebrate the life of a deceased person’s life by creating a collage, memory books, a slideshow with music, and heading the tribute. (just to name a few) Thank you for your help!

  8. I have a product I would like to promote and I know that “It’s all in the name” but my brian has a bad case of the farts… I would love any ideas you can provide. Without going into too much detail, my product is a pill counter. Thanks!

  9. I am seeking a name for a fitness marketing/promotional/campaign business. Ideally 3 words, like (creative fitness marketing), which is a competitor of mine.

    thank you

  10. Hi,
    There is a comp at my work to come up with a new name for our new National knowledge System. Our company name is Dibbs Abbott Stillman or DAS

    Can you suggest a good name?

  11. we have a product which is used to locate lost articles using RF TECHNOLOGY. There will be a transmitter & recievers. the recivers will be attached to articles which are to be pressing the switches in the transmitter the corrosponding reciever will sound
    please suggest a suitable name

  12. I’m trying to come up with a name for a brand name for a group of products that I’m manufacturing. I’m making dishawashung liquid & toilet cleaning liquid. What umberella name can I use for my products

  13. I’m trying to come up with a name for my new Custom Computer business as my original idea (PC Planet uK) appears to have been taken. I’ve been clicking the generate name button for about two hours and still no luck… Do you think you could mail me the technology word lists so I can piece a name together? Do let me know if I’m asking too much.

    Dave S

  14. Dear Sir(s),
    We are one of the leading manufaturers in China that involved in tissue paper products, such as bathroom tissue roll, facial tissue, hand towel. jumbo roll, kitchin towel, dinning napkin etc.
    We’ve been exporting to overseas markets for many year, however, besides Hong Kong and Macau, most of the brand names were provided by our clients. We’re thinking to generate a good name for our own use for overseas markets. In US, Kleenex, Scott, Tempo etc is quite good.

    Best regards,
    Michael Guo

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