Amor MD2

This has been around for a while, but now its on my blog :)

amorMD2, “Amusing Misuse of Resources — MD2 edition” reads Quake 2 character files and makes them dance around your desktop for your amusement. It will run on any Posix system which has KDE/Qt installed (ie, most Linux distros, BSD’s, etc).

I had been working on an MD2 loader class for my game, and I figured it would be a good idea to adapt it to amor, a KDE toy. After all, there are nearly 400 downloadable, free Quake 2 characters. Better to put them to some use than let them age and deteriorate as their only supporting game slowly becomes obsolete 😉 You can see screenshots of the original on the author’s website.

Cool, this page has been mentioned on Slashdot.


Note that this source compiles against KDE 3.x (standard on Redhat 9).
If you are having problems or have a patch, let me know.

The source should compile on Sparc and other big-endian hardware, but make sure to define the “WORDS_BIGENDIAN” variable when you build it (ie: ‘export WORD_BIGENDIAN=””;make’).

Latest Version:

additional characters from Polycount.
See /usr/share/apps/amorMD2/README-amorMD2 for character installation instructions.

Some screenshots of amorMD2 in action: