It looks like I must have lost the code to the Windows port of Amor a long time ago. I looked through my file server and all my backups, but it doesn’t appear to be anywhere.

There was a while a year or so ago where I was really low on disk space. I can see myself deleting that as it wasn’t really high on my priority list at the time. :(

I hate it when I do that. Luckily, I have a *much* bigger disk now (not to mention a paying job ;), so I don’t expect this to be a recurring issue…


got an email from someone asking to get a copy of the Windows version of amor for Windows.” Here is the response I sent:

Sorry, I’ve been really busy since I released amorMD2. Since then, tons of things have happened. For example, Quake 3 came out. Not to mention Unreal 2k4, and Half Life II and Doom 3 are around the corner. These are all good things. I had great plans for supporting all of these file formats as online avatars like in amorMD2.

Then I started ThroughPut, a cell phone game company. Not to mention working on wall street as my day job. And I got engaged. Needless to say that I let some of my extracaricular programing projects slip a little bit.

Basically, I have something that will compile, and display a Quake 2 character on Windows. It doesn’t really dance, or move around all that much (although you can drag it around with your mouse). It also actually doesn’t do that much at all, as the AI subsystem isn’t written yet (which is why I didn’t release it).

However, because I’ve had a few requests, I’ll dig up the source code and post it on my programing page sometime in the next week or so. Please have a little patience as my server isn’t hooked up yet (I just moved). Watch this space — I’ll post here once it’s up. Expect that it won’t be very interesting to anyone other than programmers!