Some new news on Novell / Suse.

First, some one from Novell was interested in a package I RPM-ified called “NovelClient.” This is a neat little package which looks just like the Windows interface, and lets you mount Novell (aka NDS) drive shares on Linux. There are some things which could be improved (like controlling where to mount the target), but its pretty impressive overall. Anyway, its always a nice rush when someone contacts you over your work.

Other than that, I’ve been playing around with Suse Linux at work, and I have to say that I’m pretty much converted (from Red Hat / Fedora). Ever since Red Hat dropped their regular distribution, Fedora has pretty much gone to hell quality-wise. That’s not to say they don’t produce cool things (Fedora people: thanks for some GREAT work!), but the lack of a thorough Q/A process hurts them. At this point, I’ve converted almost all my Linux boxes to Suse Professional 9.1 — except my servers. The only reason I didn’t do those is because I don’t feel like reconfiguring them 😉