Doh. Not going to get that Nissan Z after all. Oh well — My Honda probably does better in the snow anyway. :)

I got a Furby on saturday. Actually, my fiancee got him, but didnt show any interest, so I stole it. My punishment was being kept up all of last night. It seems that while the furby was sitting in the living room, my Fiancee through every creak and radiator noise was the furby going Mr Marbles on her.

I had to remove his batteries, and put him in the trash compactor this morning. Rest in peace, furby. We didn’t even get to name him.

[later] Damn. I have to get a spell-checker for this site. I’ve just corrected 3 mitaks in this post so far…

Corporate America

Patti has a good post today. I don’t really want to talk more about it, so read her page for the details. We work at the same place.

Corporate America is an interesting place. For me, there’s a wild ride between high highs and low lows. Getting a good review is better than acing a report card — its the same thing, but in an environment where your skills can make a difference to the company’s bottom line — ie, the “real world.” Bonuses are nice too, but the review is really what makes my day.

But then people get layed off, budgets get cut, and usually for all the wrong reasons. Of course companies need to save money, and reduce their costs from time to time. But when there doesn’t appear to be any clear corporate direction, and “upper management” doesn’t feel the need to keep their employees even informed, it puts the whole company in a depressed molasis. Of course productivity is going to be reduced when the employees don’t even know what the company direction is. If I weren’t a devout capitalist, things like this would make me turn to communism.

I’ve had a bad week.

Switched to WordPress

I switched to use Word Press. It was recommended by my friend Patti. It looks like it can do everything that my home-brewed blogging app did, and then some. In fact it’s so friendly, I may even have to start posting more often. Of course, importing all the data kind of sucked…

Oh well, so much for hating web portal software. :)

If you think this layout is better (or worse) than before — let me know! leave a comment!