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Microsoft’s ATM Background Info


On unix, back in the day(1999), we had something called a “profile.” This was more or less the same thing as a blog entry. If you chose, you could post some things, and any curious user could run a command called ‘finger’ in order to see what you had posted.

Now, being a too-clever-with-too-much-time-on-his-hands sort, I had written a program which would select one of several hundred quotes and sayings I had collected, and tack it to the end of my “profile” for the viewing pleasure of whatever random friend or stranger happened to be requesting it. Concept seem familiar?

I’ve managed to restore all my old quotes, and set up a similar system on the top of this page. It looks like I’ve dated myself with some of the computer jokes — I’m afraid some of the younger viewers may not get them. Maybe I’ll start an “old school” section…

Lost the Code

I am digging through some of the old stuff on my website. A few years ago, I had been working on Windows port of my “amor MD2” program. I had taken a break from it for a bit, which turned into something a little more permanent when I lost the source code I had been working on. This project is officially dead. Below is the originaly page for this project, for posterity. :(

AMOR MD2 for Windows 2000/XP

amorMD2, “Amusing Misuse of Resources — MD2 edition” reads Quake 2 character files and makes them dance around your desktop for your amusement. The 2000/XP version is not a port of the Linux version — it is a complete re-write from scratch utilizing the latest features of MFC and Win32 (I hope you all appreciate it 😉

For more information, please read about the original Linux version. There are some significant differences in the Windows port. Most notably, the all rendering takes place on the fly. This allows the Windows version to dynamically choose a 3d orientation for the Quake models at any time. In english, this allows the characters to turn and walk sideways, face backwards, etc. The Linux version, on the other hand, pre-renders all animations when it needs them, and then “remembers” the bitmaps to be re-displayed later. This means that although the Windows version is more flexible graphically, the Linux version will look almost as good, and not take up nearly as much resources. The better your 3D graphics card, the less this impact will be.

Some important technical notes for the Windows version:

  • The image is only rendered when your computer has nothing better to do. this means that if you are multitasking a bunch, the animation may be a little bit jumpy, depending on the speed of your computer. This also means that amorMD2 will *not* slow down any other aplications running at the same time — it “plays nice” with other applications on your computer. I enough people complain to me that this sucks, I’ll add an option to let amorMD2 force rendering at a decent framerate (thereby not “playing nice” with other applciations).
  • amorMD2 for Windows 2000/XP uses new features of MFC. This means that it will *not* work under Windows 95/98/me. Sorry (Okay, I’m not that sorry).
Next Version

I’m not happy with the features of amorMD2 for Windows 2000/XP yet. When I am, I’ll have a better idea of what to add for the next version.


Sorry, amorMD2 for Windows 2000/XP is still under development. Currently, MD2 models can be rendered to the Windows desktop using hardware-accellerated OpenGL. The next step of development is the AI, which needs to determine the location of the Start Menu, and the currently active window, as well as direct the character to perform its actions. As soon as that is done, I will post a version for download.

You can download additional characters from Polycount.
See /usr/share/apps/amorMD2/README-amorMD2 for character installation instructions.

New Year

Wohoo, first post of the 2005.

I came across this link today, and I figured I would share it for no particular reason.

I actually have a lot going on which I can’t share on my blog quite yet. It’s keeping me fairly stressed out. On the flip side, my brother is returning from Israel on Sunday morning. We are going to have a 5:00am welcome home party for him — he’s been out of the country for about 6 months.

Of course, my reasons are fairly selfish — I am looking for more crew for my racing team.