New York City in the Summer

Once again it is ridiculously hot in New York City. Our air conditioner at work was having difficulty keeping up, so we decided to upgrade it. Unfortunately, the new one didn’t have a long enough power chord, so for the past few hours its been blisteringly hot in the office as well (not to mention disgustingly humid).

I’ve been reading in the papers about how it is record-breaking heat almost everywhere in the country. Too bad the current administration doesn’t allow the media to say “global warming.”

Alities on Ubuntu

Work has been keeping me pretty busy, but I’ve managed to make some progress on Alities. Mainly, I implemented search paths for zip files, so you can install characters system-wide, or only in your own home directory. Also, I’ve set up a Fedora Core 4 as well as an Ubuntu system for compiling. This means that I’ll be putting out RPMS as well as Deb files when I’m ready to start distributing it.

Calcium Deposit

Last week I got off the train on my way home in excruciating pain. I though that I had somehow broken my right arm, even though I hadn’t banged it or even anything like that. It hurt if I didn’t move it, and it hurt even more if I did. The X-Rays at the hospital showed an extra bone by my shoulder, which turns out is a calcium deposit. This is actually a soft, toothpaste-like deposit of calcium that apparently some peoples’ bodies just stick there for no apparent reason.

Sometime, it can interfere with the movement of a tendon, causing the tendon to inflame — which pretty much puts you out of commission. It is supposed to be one of the more painful ailments you can get. I can say, if anyone out there has the same thing, that it never hurts as much as it does when you are trying to sleep. For some reason, your tendon has a real problem with that.

The good news, now that it’s 3 days later, is that it really does start to feel much better as long as you don’t use your arm for anything more strenuous than typing. The doc says that it’s going to take another 3 weeks or more to fully heal, but as long as it doesn’t keep me awake at night anymore, that’s fine with me!