Intro to BlackBerry

I got a Blackberry recently for work. It’s a sweet deal, as they are paying for the device as well as the service. I ended up picking one from Cingular. It turns out that not all service providers are equal. For example, Cingular seems to be the best in that they allow you to install Java applets, and browse unrestricted WAP and web. T-Mobile, blocks software downloads from the web from your Blackberry — I think you can still download to your PC, and then install it from there. I think that Sprint and Verizon are the most restrictive, and they don’t allow much of anything as far as software installation on the Blackberry goes.

However, there are so many sites out there trying to vie for your additional software dollar that it’s hard to figure out just what you can install. For example, I was looking for an RSS reader, so that I can browse my favorite person’s blog. They range from $30 (!) to $4 almost everywhere you look. But just as I was getting ready to pay for a program which should really have come with the Blackberry in the first place, I found a free one at

Does anyone know of a site out there which lists free Blackberry software? Handago and the like sites are too bent on making money to make it easy for people to install free software.

Global Warming

I was reading in Popular Science that at the same time as President Bush was pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol, he was looking into how we can terraform the Earth. This seems to be because rather than switch to alternative fuels, or pass laws to reduce green-house gas emission, George Bush finds it easier to strip-mine Alaska and other locations, while making half-hearted efforts to allay his conscience that at least it may be possible to fix the damage afterwards.