Although this news hadn’t been out when I posted earlier yesterday, it seems that I was right on the money. Microsoft has finally reversed its official position on both general availability and backwards compatibility of the Xbox 360. The official word is that:

  1. There won’t be any more XBox 360’s any time soon, and
  2. There won’t be any more backwards compatibilility “for a while”, since apparently that part of Microsoft is on vacation (no, that’s not a joke).

The Playstation 3 is starting to look better and better.

Perfect Dark Zero — Appropriately Named

Microsoft’s XBox 360 is quite the disappointment to me. First off, it still has the potential to be a *great* game platform. The graphics are definitely amazing, even on a regular TV (although I’m on a quest to up grade to HD in the next month or so). However, there are STILL no new games out for it since the original measly launch titles. Add to that, half the launch games were sports games (which bore me to death), and I am left with 4-6 games in the entire world which will work on the thing. It’s been 3 months! What is wrong with you guys? Add to that the fact that most people still can’t even buy one, and you’ve got quite the problem. Don’t worry guys, your not missing anything yet! Hopefully, by the time more XBOX’s come on the market, there will actually be something to play on them.

What about “backwards compatibility,” you ask? It’s a joke. Microsoft has certified about 200 games, out of the more than 750 games available for the original XBox. If a game isn’t certified, you can’t play it. The machine won’t even let you try. And the Microsoft claim that new titles are being added on an ongoing basis is about as accurate as their original shipping policy. This means that, while there aren’t any new games for the XBox 360, you also can’t play any of the new games coming out for the XBox. (Hello — Battlefield 2?). In addition to that, out of the 1 in 4 games which work, some of them have *really* slow frame rates (“Fable,” anyone), and some have since been removed from the list!

This leaves quite the disappointing platform.

“Luckily,” I have to wait for mid-next month before purchasing a Hi-Definition TV. Hopefully, I will have something to play on it when I do.

BTW, if my Wife is reading this, here’s why HD TV’s are worth it!