Dynamic Content Re-established

Wohoo :) I gold my old theme working again. Now the cahnge should be completely transparent.

Unfortunately, the Man page lookup, as well as the Restauraunt Maps are still not working. They will be back up soon.

(later): Man pages and the file converter are back up! The restaurant finder still needs an overhaul.

(later still): You know, I’m actually going to take my man page lookup offline. There are plenty of pretty good man page references online. I dont think that I need to keep another one up here. If you think differently, though, leave me a comment here!

(much, much later): Wohoo — the Manhattan Restaurant Finder is working again — and I fixed a few bugs which have been around from the beginning.

Blog Upgrade

You may have noticed that I upgraded to a new version of WordPress. This is the best blogging software out there. The new version has lots of new features, like a WYSIWYG post editor (which I’m sure you don’t care about as a reader 😉 ). I’ll be moving back towards the old look-and-feel once I find a theme which is closer to it, and I have some free time to tweak it.