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New Beginnings

Well, that’s it. I found out yesterday the the seller will not come to an agreement on the house I wanted to buy, so I will be staying at my apartment. I don’t see us being interested in looking for a different house any time in the near future.

Instead, I’m ready to take the big plunge. I’ve had some side business or another cooking for almost as long as I can remember working. It’s come to the point now where I think I have learned as much as I am going to learn without making a bigger commitment to it. So, I turned in my resignation at work today, and in 2 weeks I will be working for myself full time.

This is totally stressful, of course, more so because my career is really on a roller coaster ride upward. But it is also a sort of a relief. It took a huge effort not to smile as I was informing my boss of my intentions. Despite everything else, this just feels right. I expect that there are some hard financial times ahead — but no more so than I have dealt with in the past, and in fact much better because my fiancee is an accomplished and distinguished worker at her company.

I will be concentrating on two core businesses. Now that I will no longer have to worry about co-workers reading my blog, I can write much more about those here. Not today though. Today I get to rest.

In conjunction with my wedding in 2 months, this is the beginning of a new phase in my life, and I recognize that as being significant. I was looking for a change, and I think that this will be a good one. I look forward to a new beginning :)