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Speak Secret dot Net

I received some positive feedback from my last post — enough that I’m willing to give it a try. So, check out the site!

The site is written at an introductory level, and will focus on simple instructions to get encryption working in your favorite applications. There will also be articles on how encryption is seen from the popular media and Movies and TV, as well as some of the basic theory.

Recommend it to your friends!

Site Update

I upgraded my blog software to WordPress 2.5. I’ve been using WordPress since the 1.x days, and more specifically, I’ve been using the current theme (originally based off Neuron, but long since modified) since then, so I haven’t been using a lot of Worpresses newest features.

This morning I “widgified” my the right column, so you’ll see some updated and cleaned up items there courtesy of WordPress’s relatively new widget system. I’ve also started using “tags” in addition to “categories,” for labeling posts, and you can see the result in the tag cloud on the right.

Over the next few days, I expect to do a little tweaking, like adding gravatar support in the comments. I eventually do want to do a complete theme overhaul to change the look & feel of the site, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that soon. If I wait long enough, someone else will eventually come out with a theme that I like enough to use.

Server Migration in Progress is currently getting a major server upgrade. Service may be a little spotty over the next few days, although I’ll try to keep that to a minimum. So far, only the main webserver ( has been transfered over to the new server. Over the next few days, the rest of the hosted domains, as well as email services will be moved as well, and then the old server will be decommissioned. I’ll post more details when the move is complete.