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iOS vs Android Revisited

So, it looks like I called that one wrong. Or did I?At first glance, it appears that android is a serious contender against the iPhone and IOS. It’s even arguable about which on is more popular at this point — do you measure by total units sold, or sales in the most recent quarter? What about the fact that Android is available on all carriers, but the iPhone is only on one?

Answering each of those questions gives you a different answer. However, one thing is certain — in a few short years we’ve gone from a marketplace seemingly dominated by Windows Mobile and Symbian to one where iOS and Android set the pace of innovation, customer expectations, and market growth. Both new platforms are here to stay, and rather than hurting each other, the response in the marketplace seems to be that each is accelerating the growth of the other by raising expectations for what a smart phone should be head and shoulders above the now-legacy platforms.